Welcome to GradPride!

The mission of GradPride is to create a supportive atmosphere for LGBTQ+ graduate students at Georgetown University and to promote fair treatment of all members of the Georgetown University community. To this end, GradPride will:

Build Community: provide a social venue for LGBTQ students as well as other members of the Georgetown community who are interested in LGBTQ issues.Educate: provide a forum for discussion of LGBTQ issues at Georgetown University and raise awareness of these issues by hosting speakers, panel discussions and similar events.

Affirm: provide community support to LGBTQ students in Georgetown’s graduate student community.

Support Interests: promote the safety, well-being and interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning graduate students at Georgetown University by representing these interests vis-a-vis the Georgetown University administration and the larger Georgetown community. 

Promote Equality: promote equal treatment of all members of the Georgetown University community regardless of race, color, disability, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, class, and age, and strive to support and work with other Georgetown student groups to achieve this goal.

If you’re interested in joining GradPride, even as an ally, please fill out our membership form.