Nick Mararac

Nick serves as the President of GradPride. He’s a PhD student in the Linguistics Department. Prior to arriving at Georgetown, he was a Naval Officer in the U.S. Navy. He received his commission from the United States Naval Academy in 2007. During his career in the navy, he was a Surface Warfare Officer and served out of Japan, South Korea, and San Diego. As a student of sociolinguistics, he wants to merge his experiences from the navy with his current academic pursuits. He is interested in applying sociolinguistics and discourse analysis frameworks to elucidate the process of communication in “doing leadership” within institutions, such as the military. For more information about his research, check out his website. On his free time, Nick is a community advocate for environmentally sustainable transportation. He lives with his husband and their dog-ter, Lexi.

Kate Arnold-Murray
Vice President

Kate Arnold-Murray is the Vice President of GradPride. Kate is a queer woman and is currently a Masters student in the Department of Linguistics. She is also a Georgetown alumna (C’15), as well as a full-time staff member at GU, working for Professor Deborah Tannen. Over the past 15 years, Kate has been actively involved in LGBTQ+ groups, including leading a trans and ally support group at the College of William & Mary and being a member of the Welcoming Committee DC. As a sociolinguistics student, Kate’s research focuses on how queer and trans individuals construct their emergent sexual and gender identities through verbal and nonverbal communication–aiming to conduct research that supports and uplifts the LGBTQ+ community. Her Masters thesis focuses on discourses surrounding the banning of the pride flag in the 2019 DC Dyke March. Outside of Georgetown, Kate likes to try new restaurants, go to Capitals games, and spend time with her husband, cat, and dog. Kate and her husband were recently featured in the Washington Post discussing the concept of passing, and how physical transition and passing can impact partner identity, linked here. (Although the journalist made the issue more black and white than it is, it’s still worth checking out)

Zac Park

Zac serves as the Treasurer of GradPride. He’s a PhD candidate in the Biology Department. Before starting at Georgetown, Zac received his undergraduate degree in biology from Elmira College in his home state of New York. Zac’s research focuses on how baker’s yeast are able to undergo meiosis, which is the process that generates sperm and egg cells in humans. Zac also works to increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ people in STEM by actively supporting and contributing to 500 Queer Scientists and starting a Queer in STEM group on campus. Zac can be easily spotted as the one with the iced coffee during the blizzard.

Hang Liu

Hang serves as the Secretary of GradPride and is in charge of the Communications part(with the help of others). She is from China and currently a Master student in Communication, Culture, and Technology program. She is an ally and enthusiastic supporter of LGBTQ group, and hopes to help support LGBTQ people’s rights and speak for them. She joined the 2017 Seattle Pride Parade, and wrote a paper talking about the change of Chinese attitudes toward homosexuality. She is interested in Digital Communication and social media operations which are her career pursuit for now. Besides helping raise public awareness of LGBTQ, she is also paying attention to mental health and depression issue in particular. In her free time, she likes to watch movies, go hiking, cook, and meet people to have some cross-cultural communication. Let’s make the world suck a little bit less together!