Spectra Alliance

We are a coalition of Georgetown University LGBTQ+ graduate student organizations. As Georgetown University students, we strive to embody the Jesuit spirit of cura personalis, “care of the whole person.” Thus, the vision of Spectra Alliance is to create an open line of communication between LGBTQ+ students and our allies on campus that facilitates the embodiment of our various identities and their intersections.

The Alliance formed as a coalition for our first event The Lived Experiences of Transgender Service Members and Veterans in order to assemble both LGBTQ+ and Veteran organizations within Georgetown University. Our aims are to 1) promote awareness of LGBTQ+ culture within Georgetown; 2) emphasize issues that result from the intersectionality of sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, ability, socio-economic status and other identities of service members; and 3) celebrate allyship and the cohesiveness of the Georgetown community as it relates to LGBTQIA diversity and inclusion.

If your student organization is interested in becoming an ally, please email GradPride@georgetown.edu and we can collaborate on future initiatives.